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Knitters & Crocheters Gallery

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  • Pullover aus metallic viscose

    Pullover aus metallic viscose    

  • Hat & shavl

    Virgin wool fine rose pink -hat and shavl project

  • Baby romper

    Baby romper    

  • Baby dress

    Baby dress    

  • shawl by Lithuanian flag colors

    Very easy to make,its call granny square crochet.l used ice yarn Kristal. 100rylic

  • Hand knitted scarf

    If you look up how to arm knit scqrfs lots of videos will come up. For this i just used regular arm knitting but you can also use regular knitting. It took me around 20 minutes and you just continue to knit untill it fits comfortably around your neck.

  • Knitted Cakes Chain Yarn Shawl

    I made this shawl using only one skein of Cakes Chain yarn. Every Cake has enough yarn to make a long enough shawl.
    The pattern is very simple: Cast on 4 stitches.
    Row 1: 1 increase by knitting front and back loop of first stitch, 1k, k2tg.
    Row 2: knit all the stitches until there is 1 stitch left, 1 increase by knitting front and back loop of that last stitch of the row.
    Repeat row 1 and 2 until you have enough thread to bind off all the stitches on the needle. That row that you bind off will be one of the 2 lower sides of the triangule.

  • blanket

    Made in Alara and anti-allergic

  • Baby-blanket

    Made in anti-allergic yarn

  • Girl-cardigan

    Just improviseret dint find a pattern. Made in baby fine acryl

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